–written by Matt Eames, President & CEO of Raleigh Marketing Consultants

You’ll Need These 6 Big Rocks to Get Through This Quarantine

Due to all the recent events, we have all had some new adjustments in our daily routines and schedules.  If anyone is like me, even in my downtime I have an urge to stay busy all the time with every task that pops up on my “To-Do” list!  However, I’ve had to fight that temptation by really focusing my time and energy on what really matters to me – my priorities.

Where we spend our time must start with our values—what is truly important to us.

These “big rocks” must be what goes into our calendar first.  Big rocks are priorities, small rocks are tasks.  Imagine we are to fill up a jar with different sized rocks with the smallest of rocks being sand.  If we first fill the jar with sand (less important tasks), there is no room for the big rocks (priorities).  We must first fill our jar and schedule with our big rocks, and the sand will fall in place between these rocks, and that way, everything fits!

The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule in your priorities.

Now, let’s identify my 6 big rocks during this time:

1. Personal Growth

Our first investment should always be in ourselves.  Everyone else will benefit from you being a better you.

2. Relationship Building

Is it possible to get closer to people during social distancing? I think so!  Stay connected to those who are close to you—virtually.

3. Stay Active!

Personal fitness, eating more healthy, moving more!  This keeps our minds sharp too.  Having to stay at home is not a license to be lazy!

4. Learning

Identify and ask yourself, with some extra time on my hands what is something that I want to learn and better myself with? What is something I’ve been meaning to go learn about but haven’t had the time.

4. Teaching

I ask myself: who’s my audience? What do they want? What do they need? How can I add value to somebody?

4. Strategizing

How do we all take huge advantage of the rebound when this is all over? How is my business going to take advantage of this opportunity? Make sure to stay in game shape even during the offseason! You don’t have to get back in shape if you never left your game shape!

I would hesitate from getting “too busy” right now.

Take some time and think.

Values.  Priorities.  Then commit to time.  Then be relentless.

Tough times don’t last.  Tough people do.


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