Working with Raleigh Marketing Consultants

–written by Jordan Dudley – HR Intern at Raleigh Marketing Consultants

Are you looking to own your own business or hold a high-profile leadership position someday?

If so, you’ll need to learn how to train others and build a high-performing team from the ground up. As you take on more responsibility for those around you, consider these tips for training and influencing the mindsets of your coworkers.

As one of the best and brightest companies to work for, two years running, all of us at Raleigh Marketing Consultants know how to make work fun!

Every person entering our office is met with a happy, friendly face, as well as our multiple english bulldog references in honor of our sweet Macie.  We start everyday with energizing games that get our minds and bodies moving. This strategy toward tackling our day has been proven to keep productivity high, as well as engagement.  

As we bring the second quarter of 2019 to an end we are starting proudly as the number one office, nation-wide, for our client.  The recognition and bonuses that come with this tremendous accomplishment show us that our strategies for a fun and energetic work environment work, and work well.

According to a Gallup Poll, employees who are engaged in their work are 27% more likely to report higher productivity.  That being said, engaged employees are not the same as satisfied employees. Satisfied employees are happy with their work environment (which is great!), but may focus more on that happiness than the work at hand.

An engaged employee is happy in their position, but also committed to their work.  These employees are so satisfied that they are eager to work harder to better their company by meeting, and exceeding company goals.

Raleigh Marketing Consultants has worked hard to engage employees, starting at the interview process!

Candidates are greeted warmly as they come in, and then go off to have a one on one interview with the president of our company, Matt.  This one on one approach continues through our training and development process and allows our team to pass on our culture to new team members.

Hands on training is also very important to us, and our ability to get our team excited about meeting company goals and delivering for our client.  On top of it all, we work to make this process fun, interesting, and memorable.

Our practices stick with our team because they are lively and practical, with many other applications than the workplace alone.

Working with Raleigh Marketing Consultants is a win–win.  We not only love what we do, but also have abundant opportunity to learn and grow, both professionally and personally.

Whether it be traveling to a new place, learning stronger communication skills, creating ice breaker games, personalized bonesses, or becoming more social through weekly team nights, the opportunities are endless.

The culture we have built at RMC allows our team to work together like a family, with one common goal: continue to deliver to our client.  This goal is intended to help us earn the opportunity to expand, thus providing ample growth for each individual team member!

In order to meet this goal, we continue to build employee engagement through lively and energetic processes that promote productivity and satisfaction.  

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