–written by: Keagen, Sales Lead

What A Normal Day Looks Like

When I think about a normal day the first thing, I want to do is lay an outline of what a day to day looks like.  Being a sports fan, what immediately comes to mind is breaking it down into 4 quarters! Very similar to those who are football fans would understand where this idea is coming from.

So, now that we all have our minds shifted towards the outline of what my day to day structurer looks like we can dive into what my “4 Quarters” or a “Normal day” looks like for me if you will!


To start the day l am investing about 80% of my time into learning/prepping, while the other 20% is going into enjoying the people I work with.

  • 1 on 1’s – Specific coaching/learning opportunities to align with accomplishing goals!
  • Daily Plan of Attack – Making sure my daily plan is aligned with my daily actions in the field to produce consistent results.
  • Recognition/Goals – Public speaking opportunities to acknowledge pacesetters and top performers. Going over goals to make sure we always know where we are and what is left to hit the target.
  • GAME – High energy game to set the pace to crush our day!


Second Quarter is set up for me to visit my existing customers A.K.A my favorites, people I am excited to see.

  • Retention – Visiting 3-5 businesses that I have already built a relationship with
  • Thank-You cards – Hand written thank you card to my customers, building strong relationships.        
  • Priority Reloop’s – Businesses that we I have set appointments for from the previous day.
  • LUNCHTIME!    


After halftime is over and my stomach is full this will bring us to the 3rd Quarter of the day. All gas, no breaks here. I am finishing the day strong as well as setting myself up for guaranteed future successes!

  • Introducing myself and the idea of Quill to new business owners. If it makes sense, I will help them out that day!
  • Setting up necessary Priority-Reloop’s for future successes!


Lastly, the home stretch. In Quarter # 4 you will notice that I’m spending 20% of my time now learning and 80% is fun, these have flip flopped. We put a lot of value on being able to live an “AND” life.

  • Quick daily break down – Allows me to recognize if my goals were hit, set ups for future coaching/learning opportunities
  • GAME – Making sure to end every day on a high note!

And if you’re still wondering what a (normal) day looks like, come join us at RMC!


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