–written by: John Clancy, Assistant Manager

Transferable Skills

One of the main reasons that I chose Raleigh Marketing Consultants, as the company I wanted to work for out of college, was because of the transferable skills I was going to learn hands on here. When applying for jobs, I was looking for a company where I could gain quality experience, be trained, molded, and developed into a well-rounded leader that any company would want me a part of.

Starting with RMC, I first learned how to acquire new customers, as well as be able to retain existing customers by keeping them happy with our products and services. Being brand new to a company, I would have guessed I would be micromanaged through my day-to-day responsibilities.

A part of Raleigh Marketing Consultants that I have always thought was so unique is the idea of being able to manage my own customers and schedule. Through choosing where and when I spent my time, I was able to develop amazing time management skills that I will have with me forever.

Currently now, I have been learning about SEO, HR, and running payroll, more of the in house responsibilities of every company.

Every step that I have been in the company, I have learned new and additional skills, which are transferable to every career and industry. In every industry, I knew that I would have to be able to acquire new customers and make sure they continue to do business with us in the future. Being able to interview, train, and manage a team are skills that are applicable to every industry.

Paying your employees, human resources, and being able to tell your company’s story through social media are all ways businesses are able to sustain. The skillset that I have obtained with my time so far at Raleigh Marketing Consultants has not only made me more of a polished artifact for future employers, but also very confident in myself that I could have any startup company and be able to make it successful.


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