National Train Your Brain day is observed on October 13th every year. This holiday was created to encourage Americans to do something new to better themselves (& their brain). Three important things I have been trying to teach my brain lately are: relax, wake up earlier, and memorize names. I think these are beneficial to anyone, especially those interested in marketing.
Here is some food for thought about the brain:
  • The human brain named itself.
  • Your brain keeps developing until your late 40s.
  • New brain connections are created every time you create a memory.
  • Your brain uses 20% of the blood and oxygen available in your body.
  • When awake, the human brain produces enough electricity to power a small light bulb.

You can train your brain with me today! Here is what I have been trying:


  • As much as you want to press snooze on your alarm on a Monday morning, don’t! Studies show that people who wake up earlier tend to be more productive throughout the day. In addition to waking up early, waking up around the same time each day is also important.
  • Give yourself an extra 45 minutes in the morning to relax and get ready for the day with no rush. In addition to waking up early, try to go to bed earlier the night before!
  • There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep before a long day!
  • When something goes wrong during the day, it is easy to get stuck on the event that went wrong and letting it ruin your whole day or even week.
  • Allowing yourself a certain amount of time to be upset about the event allows you to not stir on it all day and helps you to not beat yourself up about it for an extended amount of time. This allows the brain to be able to focus on other tasks and important things you need to do throughout the day.
  • General relaxation also has been proven to help your brain and productivity. Research on naps, meditation and walks show that mental breaks increase productivity, renew attention, and encourage creativity.
  • Here are some relaxing activities you can do to help! Adult coloring books, meditation, workout classes, and writing in a journal. 


  • Have you ever wanted to talk to a neighbor in your class or a coworker but couldn’t remember their name to get their attention? Names and faces can be a big challenge for many people (especially me) which can create a barrier between human interaction or even just an awkward moment.
  • My best tip is to make connections between their name and how you know them. For example, let’s say there is a boy in your history class named Sam. In order to make a connection you must think of a preexisting memory to draw upon. You know Uncle Sam is an iconic American symbol. The connection between Uncle Sam and Sam in your American History class will now help you to remember his name!
  • Another trick people find helpful is to repeat back someone’s name after they tell you. If a John introduces himself make sure to slip his name into conversation while talking to him. “Hello it is nice to meet you, how are you John?” It will reinforce the name and help your brain to make a stronger connection between the name and the face.


  • Lately I have been trying to wake up earlier to get a jump start on my day. My biggest motivation to get up in the morning is a good breakfast or cup of coffee. Make sure to have a motivation to get up in the morning that you will look forward to.
  • One piece of this training that has been a challenge for me is going to bed earlier. This almost makes too much sense, right? Waking up earlier means you must go to sleep earlier in order to wake up earlier and continue getting the amount of sleep you need each night.
  • A big thing I have been training myself to do is prepare the night before so you don’t have to do a million things in the morning. This will help you have a more relaxed morning and in turn set you up for success!

Make sure to keep track of your accomplishments & stay patient while training your brain because creating a new habit takes 21 days. Let us know helpful tips or feel free to leave us new and fun ways to train your brain!

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