Happy Holidays from everyone here at
Raleigh Marketing Consultants!

We are elated to share our most recent adventure!

As a team, we knew we wanted to impact someone’s holiday. We worked directly with Wake County and were eligible to sponsor a family for Christmas! We were paired with three of the most energetic, happy, kind kids and over appreciated parents.

All three are boys, ages 18 months, 4, and 5 years old. Some of their interests included dump trucks, cars, anything Paw Patrol related, puzzles and workbooks.

During our initial contact we learned they were originally from Maryland, and moved to Raleigh to experience a warmer climate and slower paced day to day. Upon relocating they had experienced financial hardship, discovered they were pregnant with a fourth (and a girl!).

The parents were frustrated with how they would keep the magic of Santa and Christmas this year. We took detailed notes of what the family needed and what the kids were excited about.

The parents made one message very clear to us, they would be extremely grateful for anything.

"We raced to our nearest department store"

We came up with a team game plan and on Tuesday, December 19 wrapped up our day and raced to our nearest department store.

We left the office glowing of excitement and the magic of Christmas. Warm winter clothes, pajamas, trucks, cars, workbooks, gingerbread houses, shapes, crayons, candy canes, chocolate, sour patch kids, stockings, puzzles, wrapping paper, gift tags overflowed our shopping cart. The following morning, we wrapped everything and tagged it “From: Santa”.

We wrapped everything and tagged it "From: Santa"

Friday, December 22: Delivery!

We were greeted on the porch by the two youngest boys with the biggest smiles and sparkling eyes. The oldest, had all of the questions, “Who are you?, What are these presents for?, Who are the presents for?, What is your name? Where did you come from?”

We said we were Santa’s helpers. He sent us because he had some Elves sick with the flu and needed help to make sure all the good kids received their Christmas presents.

They helped us stack the gifts under their tree. They all three sat, legs crossed staring at the packages. The oldest turned and said, “So, you really know Santa? What did he say about me?”

We chatted about how good he was doing in school for his first year, how he was helping out mom and dad amazingly at home and being a great example for his younger siblings. We all played a game of tic tac toe and crosswords and spent about an hour in their home hearing stories of family adventures.

Leadership by example. Actions that speak louder than words ever can.

We thought we were done at this point, we were excited and felt accomplished. Until Christmas morning when one of us had received the happiest phone call from the kids. “Thank you so so much!” was the screaming message they cried!

They called us to extend gratitude and wish us a Merry Christmas. They asked if Santa visited us, what our plans were for the day with our families.

That feeling, to hear and feel their excitement, there are no words. Knowing they had a great Christmas morning, was the greatest feeling.

Our drive back to the office we reflected how grateful we each were for all of our own Christmas’ growing up and family traditions.

We discussed how accomplished it felt to work together and pull off Christmas for someone else, to have a team that cares so much about making a difference and a CEO who gladly sponsored a family he had never met, and excitedly skipped aisles shopping for them and contributed the most energy and effort in making sure they had an amazing holiday.

We want you to know it doesn’t have to be an extravagant action to make an impact. We are extremely happy and grateful for Wake County Services being organized and great communicators!  We can’t wait to do more!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Love, Raleigh Marketing Consultants

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