written by Kat Michaels – Human Resources Director at Raleigh Marketing Consultants

When reflecting on this past year at Raleigh Marketing Consultants, three words come to mind:

Gratitude, Teamwork & Execution

Life throws plenty of curve balls and Raleigh Marketing Consultants takes them in stride. As entrepreneurs, we’ve found that it is much easier to pursue dreams and goals when we are mindful of and thankful for all that we already have.

We regularly make “gratitude lists” to help us appreciate where we are and look forward to where we’re going. Each line begins with, “I am so happy and grateful _____.”

Answers might range from favorite technological gadgets, music, and foods to our closest family, friends, and mentors. Our team keeps their lists somewhere they will see them multiple times a day, everyday.

Staying focused on the positive helps us remain the best version of ourselves!

I’ll share my list from today:

– I am so happy and grateful for the health and well being of my family and friends.

– I am so happy and grateful for the security of food, shelter, and water.

– I am so happy and grateful to have the best co-workers, who are like family.

– I am so happy and grateful for friends who are goofy and love to laugh.

Quite frequently, I find that every person who makes a list mentions their appreciation for the environment they work in.

At Raleigh Marketing Consultants we have created a team atmosphere that is almost tangible, and we invest in every individual who walks through our doors.

The environment we’ve created is the result of hard work and integrity. I really mean it when I say, “teamwork makes the dream work.” Whether that dream is a huge milestone or simple daily goal, we know that success is unattainable alone.

We work together towards a common goal: execution. Not only do our employees coach and motivate each individual to be their best, but they also drive revenue for our Fortune 500 client and provide incredible service to our customers.

It takes mindfulness of everything we have to be thankful for and impeccable teamwork to deliver on each of our promises. But in our first year as a company, we’ve learned that success in our business really comes down to those three words: gratitude, teamwork, and execution.

We talk a big game, we come together, and we always follow through. At Raleigh Marketing Consultants, we know that being the team our business partners can depend on will consistently open doors to build a bright future.

Here’s to one year down and many more to come!

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