Learn it. Live it. Lead it

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written by Kate Stoneburner – Account Representative at Raleigh Marketing Consultants

This succinct and alliterative phrase sums up our management training program here at Raleigh Marketing Consultants. But following through on these three simple action words can be a challenge for even the most seasoned employees.

Today on the blog, we’ll break down the phrase and the corresponding tiers of the corporate ladder and provide tips on how to maximize your efficiency along every step of your journey.

Learn it.

Every new hire who walks through our doors is tasked with learning our steps to a conversation, our great work habits, and our factors of impulse. Learning the systems is the primary goal of any team member here at Raleigh Marketing Consultants, but it’s important to develop your attitude as you develop your sales skills and product knowledge. As Matt is fond of saying in our morning meetings, “knowledge isn’t power—applied knowledge is power!”  It can be difficult to apply your knowledge when your attitude is lagging behind.

Our advice for our team is:

  • Understand the “big picture” of our industry.
  • Take notes in morning meeting and identify those key phrases that inspire you to stay positive and do your best in the field.
  • Ask your teammates what they love about their jobs at Raleigh Marketing Consultants
  • Remind yourself of the amazing advancement opportunity and fun environment that the business offers.
  • Reminding yourself of your “why” will help you begin to put down roots that will hold fast on tough days.

Live it.

The next step is to live out the systems as a sales trainer. On top of performing daily office responsibilities, sales trainers consistently close customers, keep a great attitude, and have energy and intensity that attract like-minded people. The roots laid down in the entry level position grow firm enough to withstand the ups and downs that occur as you develop consistency in the field.

Our advice for sales trainers is:

  • Establish good time-management and prioritization skills.

At any given moment during the day, you may need to change your focus from taking notes at morning meeting to practicing with a trainee to concentrating on listening to a customer’s needs.

Come to the office prepared and give each segment of your day your full attention. Living in the moment will help you focus your energy to the task at hand and maximize your time to better develop your team.

Lead it.

Our managers lead and inspire action in other people. With a firm foundation built from learning and living the systems, they coach, train, and ingrain our principles into others. At Raleigh Marketing Consultants, we believe in leading by example. It’s impossible to develop a team without first developing yourself. To be a leader, you must be committed to performing better every day and making your actions into a perfect case study for newer team members to observe and replicate.

Whatever your position on the corporate ladder, your leadership ability is measured by the depth of your commitment:

How committed are you to developing yourself?

When you face adversity for the first time, how committed are you to working past it?

If you have strong roots grounded in the systems and your vision for your future, even strong winds won’t knock you down. So rather than counting down the hours till the day is over, make your hours count. Maximize the time you have and focus on the task at hand. And finally, don’t let experience trap you in your comfort zone where there is no room for growth.

If you avoid becoming too comfortable, you’ll always be motivated to perform your best, and the members of your team will be close behind you. Stay uncomfortable this week and crush your goals!  



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