One of our favorite traditions of the Thanksgiving holiday is having all of our family gathered around a table, overflowing with food, and laughter.
We recognize that not all families are as fortunate and decided must provide a solution! Our company has thrived throughout our first year in this beautiful city of Raleigh and wanted to give back.
Therefore we immediately reached out to our local county department and requested a sponsorship for a family. Within 48 hours, we were contacted and paired with our family!
After a few short texts and about a half hour phone call, we discovered we were aiding a single mom with three kids who was cooking Thanksgiving for her family for the very first time. Not being able to travel this year to visit her family in northern Virginia had her terrified.
Not only were we able to provide the food for her to cook, we also provided recipes and kitchen tools to set her up for success!
The team gathered on the Saturday before Thanksgiving to take over a local grocery store. We loaded up with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, pies, rolls, butter, eggs, beverages, macaroni and cheese, green beans, corn.
The Raleigh Marketing consultants team went out and purchased all the necessary items needed for a good ol' traditional Thanksgiving dinner.
Out shopping to help our sponsored family for Thanksgiving
We were exhilarated to provide everything on her wish list and more! Dropping off the goodies, we were met with huge hugs from both the mother and her children.
We are so grateful to provide an important memory for a family!

If you or anyone you know would be interested in sponsoring family reach out to:

Wake County Human Services, Office of Community Engagement and Business Excellence

Give Back

Here are some things we are also thankful for:

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