4 Techniques for Developing a Winning Positive Attitude

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 written by Kate Stoneburner – Account Representative at Raleigh Marketing Consultants

Have you ever been caught in a conflict with a difficult customer? Cut it a little too close on an important deadline? Maybe you’ve been disappointed by a missed opportunity? If so, then you know just how important—and how game changing—having a positive attitude can be.

While pessimism works against you, optimism helps focus your energy, find opportunities, and create solutions in the face of adversity.

Having and maintaining a positive attitude is a crucial part of working in the marketing and recruiting fields. In this blog post, we’ve provided some strategies to develop the positive attitude required to reach your goals.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t—you’re right.”— Henry Ford

Optimize Your Opportunity

Every challenge is an opportunity and an invitation to succeed, just like every rejection you face in your line of work is one step closer to a straightforward sale or enthusiastic “YES!”. Every assignment you receive provides an opportunity to improve your success and prove your value.

It’s important to remember that the specific assignment doesn’t matter–what matters is your mindset as you approach the task at hand. If all you can see are problems, write them down and find solutions to turn them around. If you need support, ask for insight from your team members or supervisor.

At RMC, we recognize that our team can’t move forward unless our leaders help each individual succeed, so ask questions and bring up your concerns—someone who has faced the exact same challenges will be more than willing to help!

Win With Words

It’s healthy to discuss your concerns in a constructive manner, but it’s easy to reinforce a negative attitude by constantly voicing pessimistic thoughts. In order to change your mindset, first change your vocabulary. Use phrases like, “I’m going to learn a lot from this assignment” instead of “But I don’t know how to do any of this!” Not only will this help you keep a positive attitude, but it will influence your team members to do the same.

Contradict Complainers

You will always encounter complainers and grumps. When you run into one, ignore their comments. Nod, smile, say thank you, and then get back to work. Your sunny disposition, steady progress and ultimate achievement may even convince them it’s time to change their point of view.

Practice Positive Visualization

See yourself closing the deal before you start a conversation with your customer. If your first call of the day doesn’t work out, say to yourself, “Every sales call is different.”

If someone changes their mind, remind yourself that, “I’m creating a positive experience for my customer, and satisfied customers are more likely to stay—and less likely to spread dissatisfaction.”

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