–written by Raleigh Marketing Consultants’ Fall Communication Director Meghan Hankins 

So October 1st was International Coffee Day which is a pretty important holiday to all of us here at Raleigh Marketing Consultants. We celebrated by having a guilt free second (or third) cup of coffee!

Why the nickname “Joe”?

Have you ever wondered why a warm cup of coffee has been nicknamed a “cup of Joe”? If so, I have the answer.

Back in the 1930’s coffee gained a new nickname. “Jamoke” was a popular nickname that combined mocha and java. Along the way, it was shortened to “Joe,” and has stuck ever since.

Lately I have grown fond of a particular coffee shop:

Benelux Coffee in Cameron Village opened up in 2010 and has been serving up coffee (& amazing waffles) since.

One of my favorite things about their shop is the enormous coffee bean mural on the wall. It even won a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest coffee bean mural!

Steve Halaszi, owner of Benelux Coffee in Raleigh, created a mural made from coffee beans for his establishment that was recognized by the Guinness World Records team as the World’s Largest Coffee Bean Mural. The mural is a little over 45 feet long and nearly 8 feet tall.

Speaking of Guinness World records:

The World’s Largest Cup of Coffee was 2,010 gallons of fresh coffee that was brewed into a 8 foot tall specially constructed coffee mug.

GourmetGiftBaskets.com Brews World’s Largest Cup Of Coffee: 2,010 Gallons to Break Guinness World Record at Blog World Expo

Coffee keeps Raleigh Marketing Consultants running. As much as we love coffee we also love… MUGS!

Have a local favorite coffee shop? We would love to hear more, please comment below! Whether you’re planning on indulging in a Frappuccino or having a plain black coffee, how did you celebrate this momentous holiday?

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