–written by Emily Olive – Human Resources Intern at Raleigh Marketing Consultants

It’s no secret that everyone loves a good superhero movie.

Superheroes give us someone that we can look up to, and aspire to be like. The typical qualities of a superhero are: bravery, confidence, integrity, and of course, super abilities. What we don’t realize, is that we can be our own superhero every day. I decided to equate some of our office leaders to what superhero they would be and why:

Krystle: Deadpool

Not only is he hilarious, but he has the ability to inspire all of the people around him through his positive attitude. Through humor and positivity, Krystle makes sure everyone in the office is being the best they can be.

Kat: Wonder Woman

As HR Manager in the office, Kat is considered the “glue” that holds the office together. Like Wonder Woman, Kat works well under pressure, completing any goal that is thrown at her. She is a friendly and caring person to everyone she meets.

Ridhi: Tomb Raider

Lara Croft and Ridhi are both fierce and independent leaders both in their personal and professional life. With courage and bravery, both Lara and Ridhi have no problem venturing into the unknown with confidence. Ridhi utilizes confidence in her everyday life, inspiring people around her to do the same.

Matt: Iron Man

Like Tony Stark, Matt is a successful entrepreneur. Matt is not only an amazing boss, but also an inspiring mentor and coach. Iron Man is the backbone of the Avengers, just like Matt is the backbone of RMC.

Troy: Captain America

Just like Captain America quickly gained major recognition in the Marvel Universe, Troy came to RMC and quickly became one of the strongest leaders of the company. Troy is a natural born leader, with a knack for inspiring people to accomplish anything they put their minds to.

John: Star-Lord

As a new leader, John is bringing new innovative ideas to make our office successful. Just like Star-Lord, John brings groups of people together with his humor and wit. John is a successful leader, and is able to listen to others’ ideas while also bringing his own ideas to the table.

Macie: Baby Groot

Just like Baby Groot is the mascot of the Guardians, Macie is the adorable mascot of the office. Macie is energetic and able to put anyone in a better mood, just by being around!

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