Raleigh Marketing Consultants opened in October 2016 with one solitary purpose – to provide opportunity to our team members who step up and earn it. With our system of management training, anyone who is willing to work hard, learn, and improve has an opportunity to advance.

Raleigh Marketing Consultants was formed in response to a demand from large companies for a more effective, personal and results-driven approach to acquiring new customers.

By focusing our efforts on a face to face, relationship-based marketing and sales approach, we bring our clients life-long customers with increased brand recognition and customer loyalty.

We believe quality business depends on having a team of varying backgrounds, resources, and skills. Our philosophy of 100% internal, merit-based, organic promotion and growth guarantees career opportunities and the growth potential for our team to realize their goals, regardless of previous experience or personal background.



The chance to grow within Raleigh Marketing Consultants is 100% based on performance.


Raleigh Marketing Consultants provides team members with the chance to learn from the best in the sales and marketing industries. By being a great example, our team members transition into leadership roles.


We do not micromanage our team members. We teach them how to do the right thing–especially when nobody’s looking.


The Raleigh Marketing Consultants team is a family – we work together to celebrate individual achievement and team success.


No matter someone’s background or experience, they have an equal opportunity to grow with Raleigh Marketing Consultants.

Student Mentality

The best students become the best teachers-those who take notes, ask questions, and seek help to always improve.

Open Communication

Our management team promotes an open-door policy.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Those with an innovative and winning mentality are the future of our company. We are always looking for the best and brightest minds to lead our business.

Matt Eames, President

Originally from Reading, Massachusetts, Matt knew from a young age he had to be a great student to create a successful life. Matt attended Brandeis University and was the first one in his family to graduate college. After graduation he started in an entry-level position in the direct sales and marketing industry to enhance his people skills. Although Matt was a Biology major, and never studied business, Matt quickly earned a reputation as a top performer for clients – he was consistently ranked in the top 1% of representatives nationwide. While learning the basics of team building, coaching and leadership, Matt was given the opportunity to help launch a new office in Charlotte, North Carolina. In October of 2016, Matt was promoted to lead the initiative in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Matt still believes in a great student mentality to create success for Raleigh Marketing Consultants in pursuit of new markets and opportunities across the globe.

Kat Michels, HR Manager

Carolina native, Kat Michels joined the direct marketing and sales business in February 2016. As an Account Manager she worked closely with our small business client earning a promotion to Corporate Trainer. Proving her value to the team, and client, she was eager to expand to Raleigh as the Human Resource Manager.

Previous to her role in marketing, Kat worked in customer service and management in retail sales and food service. While she completed her undergraduate degree in Nutrition at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, she enjoyed leadership roles with the Academy of Dietetics and Alpha Chi Omega.

Kat is eager to provide positive enthusiasm with close attention to detail. Her favorite quote is, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”