–written by Emily Olive – Human Resources Intern at Raleigh Marketing Consultants

“If it has to happen, then it has to happen first,” Laura Vanderkam, a time-management expert and author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast.

You will find that behind every successful person is a successful morning routine. Laura’s philosophy above says it the best. Success comes from investment in top-priority activities before everything else!

If you’d like to join the ranks of success of people you admire – here are 7 things they most certainly do every morning:

1. Waking Up Early

As much as you want to press snooze on your alarm on a Monday morning, don’t! Studies show that people who wake up earlier tend to be more productive throughout the day. In addition to waking up early, waking up around the same time each day is also important.

Give yourself an extra 45 minutes in the morning to relax and get ready for the day with no rush. In addition to waking up early, try to go to bed earlier the night before!

There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep before a long day!

2. Daily Goals

Taking time to write out your daily goals is also important. Your goals can be simple things to do each day (taking the time to meet a new person.) or they can be goals that you want to reach by the end of the week (finally finish that book you’ve been meaning to read).

Daily goals will help you feel more productive throughout the day, and especially once you reach them!

3. Gratitude List

Just like a daily goals list, a gratitude list should be one of the first things you do each day. A gratitude list will make you more confident in your personal and professional life.

Take a few minutes each day to write down what you’re grateful for. Make sure you keep the list somewhere where you can go back and look at it or add to it throughout the day!

4. Balanced Breakfast

Starting off the day right with a balanced breakfast will give you the energy you need to be productive throughout the morning.

Even if it’s something as simple as a bagel or piece of fruit as you walk out the door.

5.Tidy Up Your Space

You can do this each morning, or at night before you go to bed. Tidy up your living spaces a little bit at the beginning or end of each day. We recommend doing it in the morning before you leave your house for the day.

Even if it’s only making your bed in the morning. The best part about cleaning before you leave, is coming home to an organized space after a long day!

6. Write Out Your Plans For The Day

One way to stay productive and make sure everything gets done each day, is write a to do list in a planner. Personally, I prefer an hourly planner. This helps keep your day on track, and reminds you of upcoming appointments!

One other helpful tip is putting appointment into your calendar on your phone. That way, you can get reminders and updates throughout the day!

6. Getting Everything Ready The Night Before

One of the most time consuming things for me each morning, is picking out an outfit for the day. Plan out your outfit the night before, so that you have extra time in the morning to get ready.

Make sure you also pack a bag the night before, for whatever you’re doing the next day. If you do this, you’ll be less likely to forget something important while scrambling to get ready in the mornings.

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