We are in the #FirstImpressionBusiness

First impressions are very important in any social and professional situation. How can you ensure a great, lasting first impression? Here are some helpful tips to make the best first impressions.

1. Eye Contact

Making eye contact is one of the most important rules to remember. When having an initial conversation with someone, keep eye contact to show you are engaged in the conversation. This will also show them that you are comfortable, and interested.

2. Dress The Part

One major part of first impressions, is how someone carries themselves. People tend to take you more seriously when you look put-together, and confident.

Dressing for the occasion shows people that you know what is appropriate, and are able to take that into consideration when choosing what to wear. Not sure how to dress the part? Ask!

3. Energy

Energy is contagious! With any face to face first impression, there is an exchange of energy so make sure yours in positive.

4. Smile

When you meet someone for the first time, SMILE.

Pour out positive energy into the world, and the world will reward you.

5. Body Language

Pay attention to your body language. Make sure you sit up straight, have open hands and refrain from crossing your arms and legs.

This translates you into being more relaxed, confident and interested.

6. Gratitude

Say thank you! No exchange is too small to warrant appreciation for the other person’s time. Want to really impress? Leave behind a hand written thank you note!

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