–written by Krystle Doucette, Sales Lead

How to Be a Great Interviewee

When going on an interview, it’s important to make a great first impression. Here are 5 tips on how to stand out to your future employer among the other candidates:

1. Dress Professionally

Growing up, my parents always told me to “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. Not only will this be impressive to the interviewer, but it will also help boost your own confidence even if you’re nervous.

2. Smile and Make Eye Contact

This will make you appear friendly and enthusiastic, confident, and trustworthy. If you are doing a virtual interview, be sure to look at the camera on your laptop/phone to make it appear you’re looking directly at the interviewer.

3. Professional Language

When in an interview, avoid controversial topics such as religion, politics, sexual orientation, alcohol/drugs and the like. It is also important to avoid swearing or using any foul language/slang.

4. Body Language

Pay attention to your body language: Roughly 90% of communication comes from non-verbal cues. So, whether you’re doing an in-person or virtual interview, be sure to sit up straight, nod along with the interviewer, and be engaged in the conversation.

Avoid resting on your hand or arm, putting your feet up on another piece of furniture, yawning, or staring off while the other person is speaking.

4. Be Prepared

Be sure to do some research on the company and position you’re applying for and come with questions. Referencing something on the company’s website, such as an article or mission statement, will feed the ego of the interviewer and show you took the extra time to get to know more about the company.

Also, bring a portfolio with an extra copy of your resume, your questions, and a pen and paper to take notes during the interview.

Lastly, when doing a virtual interview, be sure to check what will be in the camera’s view: best scenario is to have an empty wall behind you, be in a well-lit room and have no background noise so neither of you are distracted.


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